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The future of
remarkable product

Tagbit™ helps to create appealing product
presentations for stands, showrooms or retailstores
via interactive "Zero Click" RFID Technology.



  • Triggers multimedia presentations &
    promo displays via "Zero-Click" RFID Technology
  • Creates a unique tangible user experience
  • Links real world items to the virtual world
  • Use our simple app to build your presentation

Tagbit is used for:

Stands, Showrooms, Retail Stores,
Flagship Stores, Sales Teams
& everyone who wants to impress customers
with innovative product presentations.




your product

Choose products you
want to showcase


Attach intelligence to your products
with Tagbit™ Technology

Get remarkable

Tangible interaction with your products
triggers multimedia presentations


Tagbit. Bundle

Additional to our hardware (containing the Tagbit Reader™
and Tagbit Markers™) we also provide a presentation software
app. The software lets you create and play astonishing
presentations in minutes.


Case Scenarios




Exhibition stands are an essential part of any business
communication strategy. Use Tagbit™ to attract more
customers and virtually stand out of the crowd.
Customers explore any aspect of your product and
spend more time at your stand.

Promotional displays with Tagbit™ can really boost sales
and interest in your product lines and impress your key
customers (and attract new ones). Encourage the
curiosity and play instinct of potential customers.

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